About The Eastwater Woodworking Company

My name is Matt Easto and I am the owner of the Eastwater Woodworking Company.

Currently, I am a full-time professional firefighter, operating my business during my time away from the firehouse. I have many treasured memories of my grandpa mentoring me in the art of woodworking during my childhood, and since then I have pursued and crafted the trade until it became a cherished pastime. I finally decided to turn this into more than a hobby which brings us here today.

Woodworking itself is an art. Each handcrafted piece speaks uniquely and individually, and each woodworker has a distinctive style and touch. Today, large scale manufacturing removes the human touch from the finished product. While some customers benefit from budget builds, others want a piece which tells a story; something that will inspire conversation. Pieces will have flaws and idiosyncrasies, all being part of the experience. This benchmark embodies the caliber of product which the Eastwater Woodworking Company strives to achieve...quality and individuality in every piece.

We also believe in supporting other small businesses as well as our community. One such example of this support is the way in which we source our materials. We buy lumber from local mills that reuse locally cut lumber which would otherwise be burned or chipped. Along with preventing the waste of natural resources, this method also allows for unique grains and patterns that may be otherwise unachievable when sourcing from larger lumber suppliers. It is our personal belief that as a woodworker, one should make every attempt to limit the waste of resources, in turn inspiring resourcefulness and creativity.

On behalf of myself and my small staff, I would like to thank you for supporting us andthe community around us.

-Matthew W. Easto